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packshot prower drops
3 Power drops packs
Macro powder power drops
Designed in Paris, Grown in the USA

Meet Neo Px’s Power Engine

Over 5 years of scientific research and development,
our Power Drops have been designed through directed evolution to ensure only the best microorganisms for your Neo Px.

  • Air purification Performance

    Enables Neo Px Plant-Microbiome System to purify the air 30x more effectively than a regular houseplant

  • Testing protocol

    Our researches were carried out in partnership with IMT Nord Europe (leading European institute for air quality testing). Check the science behind our claims.

  • Microbiome Replenishment

    3-months packs delivered every 90 days, so you never have to worry about running out.

No electricity.
No filter. No noise.
Just biology.

Why does the Microbiome need replenishing each month?

From growing conditions and age of a plant to environmental stresses or other factors, all microbiomes change and evolve over time. After a month, our scientists observe a significant decrease in the number of active, air purifying microorganisms. To guarantee the highest air purification performance, we recommend adding Power Drops to your Plant-Microbiome System once a month. Read more about the performance of the Power Drops in our White Paper.

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Fig 1. Representative trend of Air Purifying bacteria population in the Neo Px soil.

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