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The Future
of Plants
is here

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We believe that nature is the most powerful piece of technology in the world and that a greener future is possible.

Our mission is to put nature at the heart of innovation to drive positive change.

Our vision is to pioneer a global industry towards nature tech over machines.

Introducing NEO PX
New generation of air purifying
tech. Powered by nature.

Neo Px is the first and only Plant-Microbiome System bioengineered to purify the air in your home

A world-first innovation from world class minds, meticulously bioengineered by our team of 20 scientists and engineers to metabolize and recycle some of the most dangerous indoor pollutants.

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Take Our Home Air Quality Simulator

See how your home ranks on our air quality scale

Volatile Organic Compounds are harmful indoor air pollutants constantly emitted in your home.

They can negatively impact your health. Reducing exposure to these in you home is critical.

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Did you know?

The air in your home is up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air due to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

These include some of the most carcinogenic molecules on the planet — emitted by solvents and varnishes used in most furnishings, textiles, cleaning and personal hygiene products.