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Customer Happiness Guarantee

Our commitment is to ensure that your plants reach you in a vibrant and healthy state.

Should they fall short of this, our 30-Day Customer Happiness Guarantee comes into play, offering a complimentary replacement. Minor signs of stress in live plants following their journey are expected, but should you observe damage that goes beyond slight imperfections*, please contact us within 30 days from the date of delivery for a no-cost replacement.

This promise covers all online purchases within the initial 30-day period. To facilitate the replacement process, we ask for photographic evidence of the damage. This not only substantiates your request but also assists us in refining our packaging techniques.

*It's worth noting that experiencing minor stress indicators is a normal part of a live plant's acclimatization post-shipment. You can aid in its recovery and promote healthy new growth by carefully removing any damaged leaves or stems that were affected during transport.