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Don’t Be a Regular Plant Parent, Be the Cool Plant Parent

If you ask us, there’s arguably nothing better than being a “plant” mom. Sure, kids are great, and we love our furry friends, but when it comes to being a parent — plants rule. Besides, have you ever heard of a plant talking back or having an accident? Yeah, neither have we.

Of course, if plants aren’t your cup of tea, that’s fine, too! But for those looking to take their regular plant mom status up a notch, you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’re exploring what it means to be a plant mom, but not just any kind of plant mom — a cool plant mom. So if you’re looking for tips to be the best plant mom around, keep reading!

What Is a Plant Mom?

In this day and age, it’s almost expected that you have some kind of pet. If you live a solo life, people recommend a kitty. If you have little ones running around, they suggest you get a pup.

But the truth is that pets aren’t for everyone, and sometimes, a houseplant is a much better fit for a person’s personality, lifestyle, and home.

Although what’s considered “cool” can be subjective, a cool plant parent takes the well-being of their greenery seriously. Their daily routine wouldn’t be complete without checking on their babies – giving those leaves a little feel to make sure the plant is nourished and healthy, and having just a tidge of soil under the fingernails is nothing out of the ordinary in the quest to ensure perfect soil conditions.

The cool plant parent loves the environment, too, but beyond that, a cool plant parent turns to the latest YouTube videos for inspiration on their next plant purchase – Planterina and Crazy Plant Guy are must-subscribes because the cool plant parent is always on the quest to expand their knowledge.

The cool plant parent doesn’t even need to try to be cool. They naturally earn their title as they simply can’t resist grabbing that new leafy baby they spotted at the grocery store, whether it’s a rare plant in a unique pot or it’s a little aloe vera they know they can bring back to life.

Simply put, a cool plant parent isn’t a specific person or thing — it’s a vibe.

Where Can a Cool Plant Parent Find Cool Plants?

Want to expand your plant family by investing in rare plants? Here are a couple of ideas to consider:

Local Greenhouse

When looking to invest in rare plants, start at your local greenhouse. A greenhouse — or nursery — is more likely to employ staff with knowledge of plants, so they can lead you in the right direction to find what you’re looking for.

Plus, greenhouses not only monitor the health of their plants, but they can also advise you on how to prune plants best to achieve maximum blooms and how to re-pot them when they’ve outgrown their pots. Purchasing from your local greenhouse is also a simple way to support your community.

Online Avenues

You can find just about anything on the web these days — including cool plants. Do a bit of research to find a reputable seller via the internet and explore their inventory to see if a particular plant catches your eye. You could also branch out to online groups like Facebook Marketplace, but you’ll need to check these listings regularly as the offerings constantly change.

Shopping for a new plant online is a great way to meet like-minded friends. It also gives you the opportunity to adopt a plant that is exactly to your liking. For example, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance houseplant that doesn’t require a whole lot of attention, you can get a Sansevieria.

Friends, Family, and Neighbors

Another great way to get your hands on rare plants is by simply reaching out to your friends, family, and neighbors. Maybe your co-worker is looking to rehome some houseplants after realizing they have too many. Or perhaps a neighbor is moving and has to downsize. Maybe a friend or loved one is even willing to help you propagate one of their coolest plants.

So, put your feelers out there and let everyone know you’re in the market for rare plants. It may not happen immediately, but with a little persistence, you’re sure to get at least one or two in due time.

Explore the World’s First Bioengineered Plant

Prefer a plant that can add a splash of color to your living space? Opt for a croton plant. Want something to purify the air you breathe? Look no further than Neo P1 — a new variety of Pothos that is up to 30 times better than the top NASA plants, thanks to metabolism engineering and directed evolution.

The air in your home is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air due to harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Fortunately, Neoplants are bioengineered to remove toxins like benzene, toluene, xylene, and formaldehyde from the air so that you can breathe a little easier with safer air. Neo P1 works to recycle these four main VOCs into water, sugar, amino acids, and oxygen rather than just storing them — it’s both good for the world and gorgeous for your home.

Read: Major points toward being the coolest of all the plant parents.

Where Can You Find Unique Plant Pots?

Now that you know where to find rare plants, you might be wondering where to find the rare pots to go with them. We’ll be honest — the internet has no shortage of plant pots for sale. But if you’re looking for some unique ones to match your cool plant mom vibe, check out these options below:

Browse Thrift Stores

Why buy new when you can go thrifting and help save the planet? You may remember checking thrift shops for cheap furniture or vintage clothes, but these trendy spots are also goldmines for plant parents on the hunt for unique pots.

Plus, not only will you save a bunch on items that would have initially burned a hole in your pocket, but thrift shops are constantly changing what’s on their shelves. This means that if you don’t find the plant pot of your dreams one week, go back the following week after they’ve updated their inventory. You just might get lucky.

Upcycle Old Plant Pots

Upcycling has grown increasingly popular in the sustainability world, and it’s easy to see why. It reuses materials we already have to keep them from polluting our planet and creates something new. With this in mind, have you ever considered upcycling old plant pots.

You might not be able to find unique planters at the store or even your local thrift shop, but you can certainly make them!

If you love crafts and the DIY lifestyle, try your hand at making large planters or small ones, herb gardens and hanging plants, or planters of any shape or size. When you’re upcycling old plant pots, the sky's the limit to what you can create.

Use Chipped Kitchenware

Most folks toss their old, tired, or chipped kitchenware in the trash, but the cool plant parent knows they can be reused to make unique planters.

Here are some ideas:

  • Use old colanders to hang lush houseplants like Pothos or Ferns.
  • Hang large serving spoons and ladles to grow air plants or succulents.
  • Utilize old jars or mugs to grow herbs like basil, oregano, mint, chives, and cilantro.
  • Reuse old and cracked ice trays to sow seeds.
  • Use old salad tongs to re-pot prickly succulents like cacti.
  • Reuse chipped wine glasses for propagating stem cuttings.
  • Transform an old baking tin into a DIY herb planter.
  • Use cleaned wine bottle to grow aquatic plants or algae.

Wrapping It Up

As indoor plants are adopted in more and more households around the world, don’t be a regular plant parent – be a cool one. The fact you’re even here already nods to that, and we hope our tips above can help you go even deeper into the wonderful rabbit hole that is plant parenthood.

Whether you’re driving an hour away to get your hands on a rare plant at a not-so-local greenhouse, or you’re upcycling kitchenware to give your herbs something stylish to grow in, we’re cheering you on wherever you are in your plant journey.

And if you’re looking for an extra-savvy plant that is every bit as plant-forward as you are, look no further than Neoplants, the first generation of plants bioengineered to capture VOCs with unprecedented efficiency.

The first Neoplant, Neo P1, has the air-purifying power of up to 30 conventional houseplants — and not only that, but it recycles pollutants rather than storing them. That’s one cool plant.

Get in on the action. Sign up for our waitlist to get Neo P1 first and become the coolest plant parent on the block.


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